Kit Harington

Kit Harington

Kit is an English actor who starred in the original West End production of "War Horse" and now plays Jon Snow in the worldwide successful HBO series "Game of Thrones".
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An unusual way in which to get injured - Kit locked himself out of his flat!  However, his flat was on the second floor and he decided that he would be able to climb a drain-pipe to let himself in!  

Unfortunately, Kit then fell down from the drain-pipe and sustained a fracture of his Fibula, which required internal fixation!  

I worked with Kit at both my clinics in Essex and Mayfair and accompanied him to the film set of "Game of Thrones" in Dublin. When I was there with him, I was overseeing the physical work that he was able to do, and that which a stunt double had to do for him.

A lovely guy to work with, who is currently filming in Canada.