Lenora Crichlow

Lenora Crichlow

Actress Lenora Crichlow suffered bilateral stress fractures of her ankles during the filming of 'Fast Girls' movie.
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Lenora was referred to me by James Calder, the Foot & Ankle Consultant.. She had literally been pushed to breaking point filming the movie Fast Girls.

We informed the Director that Lenora would need 3 months mnimum to recover and the regain the necessary fitness to complete the filming.

Lenora worked in the pool with my swimming guru Lynette Dyer to develop her fitness at the time when she was unable to weight- bear fully without pain.

We then embarked on strength work to develop the great physique that she has in the movie.

I had to be extremely innovative to succeed with Lenora. We used the Alter G anti-gravity treadmill to gradually acclimatise Lenora to impact again.

During the re-shoots I incorported a brand new piece of equipment the 'Aero Floor'.  This was absolutely essential in order for Lenora to complete the many different running scenes.

You can see photos of the floor being used.

The film was a huge success and the timing was perfect, opening just prior to the Olympics.  My wife and I were lucky enough to attend the "red carpet" premiere in Leicester Square.