Jimmy Walker

Jimmy Walker

Jimmy Walker - "too small to be a goalkeeper" they said. I don't think West Ham fans would agree!
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The Play-Off Final versus Preston in Cardiff - what a strange day this was. I was aware that Alan Pardew wanted to bring in his own Physio to the Club and I knew that this was to be my last game at West Ham.  None of the players were aware of this.

Jimmy unfortunately badly injured and dislocated his knee whilst coming out to clear a ball.  Whilst I was so pleased that the Club had gained promotion and I was sad to be leaving, it helped having Jimmy to deal with, as it gave me some focus after the game.

Despite my departure from West Ham, I completed Jimmys rehabilitation and recovery from his injury and have his very first Premiership shirt framed in my clinic, which says "Thanks for everything mate, wouldn't have made it without you" .