Andris Biendrins

Andris Biendrins

7 foot tall Basketball star for 'Golden Gate Warriors' in San Francisco.
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My close friend and colleague, Alex McKechnie, was the Head Rehabilitation Specialist for The LA Lakers.  He asked me if I could help out with Andris.

Andris who  plays for 'Golden State Warriors' in San Francisco, had groin surgery at the end of his season.

Alex was still very much involved in the NBA finals with The Lakers.

As Andris was keen to return home to Riga in Latvia fo rthe off season, Alex suggested that I could travel to Riga to help out.

I duly obliged, this was a terrific opportunity for me to work with a top class player from the NBA. Not to mention that Andris is 7 feet tall and for someone of his size, I was surprised at how very agile he was!

It was a great opportunity for me and an absolute pleasure for me to work with Andris.

I hope you will enjoy some of the video clips of our rehabilitation.