James Purefoy

James Purefoy

Actor James Purefoy was referred to me by James Calder - Consultant Foot and Ankle Specialist.
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James was filming a TV show (The Philanthropist)  which involved  a great deal of action scenes. Unfortunately, James slipped on an icy street whilst running and broke his ankle.

The show was losing a lot of money without the main actor being available, so once the initial healing had occurred, James and I flew back to Cape Town South Africa, in order that I could monitor his rehabilitation on set.

I liased with the stunt co-ordinator to determine which scenes James could film himself and those for which it was prudent to use the stunt man.

This was a unique experience for me to see how hard everyone works in the film industry. We were on the road at 5:30am for a 2 hour journey to the set for the day. Filming normally wound up about 7pm and we then travelled the two hours back to Cape Town.

We lived together in a beautiful house on the hillside of Table Mountain.

James and I remain in touch and my wife and I recently went to see him in 'Flarepath' in the Haymarket.