Richard Branson

Richard Branson

I have travelled to Necker Island on numerous occasions since January 2011 to help Richard recuperate from a ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and subsequent shoulder problem.
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I met Sir Richard at The Lister Hospital in January 2011, the day after Mr Andrew Williams had repaired his ruptured ACL. Having just returned from USA with my family for Christmas, four days later I was on route to Necker Island - Richards home, to begin his recovery!

This was hardly a normal set of circumstances - Richard had to maintain his committments around the world and I had to work around them. Having reduced the swelling and gained full-range of movement, we moved a comprehensive set of gym equipment into Richards lounge.

I gave Richard various programmes of maintenance work that he could try and do on his travels. 

Each of my visits to Necker showed me how committed Richard was to regaining full fitness. We were able to progress his rehabilitation at each visit.

Richard had a trouble free rehabilitation process, culminating with him kite surfing and playing tennis again at only 6 months post operation. This was a great feat considering the travelling Richard had to do during the recovery process.

I visited again earlier this year and having advised Richard on training for his upcoming bike ride - he successsfully completed a 109km bike ride around South Africa!

I would like to thank Andrew Williams and of course Richard for such unforgettable experiences!